Propose Her in The High

It was a wonderful moment to capture this couple, Gino and his girlfriend at 1717 meters above sea level on top of a volcano. Gino has arranged for the hike about three months ago and requested me to capture the moment he propose his girlfriend.

It was not an easy climbing. We have to wake up early morning and drive to the volcano for about 2 hours, and still need 2 hours climbing to reach the top. Finally at 6.00 AM reached the peak and wait for the sunrise. While Gino and his girlfriend watching the sun rises over another volcano, I candidly took their pictures.

The hardest part is when Gino want to propose her. There are about 200 people on the mountain, and there are no perfect place to make a romantic proposal. Gino gave a sign and I get prepared with my Fujifilm XA-2 mirrorless camera. Please enjoy their romantic moment through my pictures.


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